Visceral Osteopathy


Visceral Osteopathy is the treatment of internal organs with external hands-on osteopathic techniques. The viscera (organs) of the digestive tract, respiratory system and reproductive system (via lower abdominal techniques) are treated to improve local funtion and to improve whole body health. The osteopathic philosophy of treating the body as whole include how the viscera may cause strain on other parts of the body such as the muscular skeletal system; osteopathic mobilisations of the viscera can therefore assist in the release of spinal and joint restrictions.

At Hanover osteopaths we use all these osteopathic techniques as an intergrative approach to osteopathy and patient care. We tailor a treatment plan based on your history and our diagnosis of your specific problem. The whole person is considered and advice on lifestyle, nutrition and exercise may also be included in your treatment plan.