Sports Massage

Sports Massage in Brighton

Sports massage is a deep remedial massage treatment which can be incorporated into a sporting regime for preparation, recovery and to prevent injuries occurring. But you don't have to be an athlete to receive this treatment as it is beneficial for those who work out casually as well.

The massage includes deep tissue techniques to manage, manipulate and rehabilitate soft tissues including muscles, tendons and ligaments. This is an effective way to release tight muscles and to enhance performance of the muscle/muscle chain. By releasing tight muscles sports massage also helps realign the posture which is vitally important in preventing injuries in the first place.

Our sports masseur Lee Lewis, has experience treating footballers, runners and cyclists. He can deliver a good deep massage plus help identify any tight areas that are impeding performance or leaving you vulnerable to injury.

Treatment time can be from an intensive 2 hours, for a full body overhaul, to short targeted treatments of 10 minutes located to one specific area of injury or discomfort. The short targeted treatments are also designed to be a quick and affordable way of incorporating massage into your regular sports schedule, ideal for pre or post-run, ride or game.

Sports Massage Pricing & Times

  • 30mins = £25
  • 60mins = £45
  • 90mins = £60

Treatment time can be from 90 minutes.

Also available are short targeted treatments for specific sports injuries or on focused areas in need of muscle conditioning or improved joint performance;

  • Shoulder/rotator cuff massage- 10 mins= £12.50
  • Foot/ankle massage (plantar fascitis, ankle sprain/strain, achilles heel) - 10mins= £12.50
  • ACL massage- 10 mins= £12.50
  • Low back massage-10 mins= £12.50
  • Quads and hamstrings- 10 mins= £12.50