Back Pain Treatment in Brighton

Back Pain Treatment from Hanover Osteopaths

Treatment for Back Pain Sufferers in Brighton and East Sussex

For many years now, Hanover Osteopaths have been treating patients from Brighton, Hove and Shoreham-by-Sea and in that time we have treated a large number of patients who suffer from back pain. In each different circumstance, patients have come to us with differing levels and types of pain. Shooting pains like sciatica, cramps, stiffness, aches and postural problems are just a few of the main reasons why people come and visit us, and when they do, we use specialist techniques to ensure a reduction in pain and an increase in mobility.

How does Hanover Osteopaths treat Back Pain?

With a team of experienced osteopaths and massage therapists, Hanover Osteopaths have the ability work with patients who suffer from most types of back pain from disc problems to chronic pain. We fully understand the problems people face when suffering from back pain and know that even the simplest of tasks can trigger pain, which in turn makes it difficult to function properly. Hanover Osteopaths offer the highest level of care from trained practitioners who will work with you to establish the best course of action. With the help of ongoing sessions, tailored exercise programmes and nutritional and lifestyle advice pains can be further reduced and symptoms will often totally disappear.

Massage and manipulation techniques are the most common osteopathic techniques used to improve circulation, loosen joints and promote a healthier range of movement but we treat in many different ways from deep tissue manipulation to light touch therapy. During our sessions we might find that another section of your body is the cause of your back pain, and we may decide on treating that area to improve function and reduce pain. On your first visit to Hanover Osteopaths we will talk in depth about your back pain, how it came about and what to do to restore healthy function and reduce your pain. We will inform and involve you in every part of the treatment we decide is the best course of action.

Causes of Back Pain

Even though Osteopathy dates back over a hundred years, it is still here today going strength to strength. The treatment methods we practice here at Hanover Osteopaths have a long tried and tested history of treating various different problems and conditions, of which back pain is by far the most frequent problem. This is due to the phenomenal amount of stress that can be put on the back on a day-to-day basis and the strains of modern living.

Home and work life can both have a serious impact on the back. Our bodies are not designed for sitting for long periods, at desks for example, or driving cars, and the pressures of long work days then short bursts of high impact sport and not enough consistent movement throughout the day can lead to negative physical patterns or misalignment and bad posture. Many people wrongly believe that a bit of pain and stiffness is natural and will ignore their symptoms until it gets too difficult to ignore, which might happen over a number of years or even decades. It is much better of course to treat the problem as soon as possible and not wait years whilst the patterns get more ingrained and need more treatment to rectify. At Hanover Osteopaths we can give you the best advice on how to look after yourself and improve your posture, we will treat built up negative strain patterns to regain positive movement in your whole body and get your back back into shape. We are committed, in partnership with you, to getting your body back to its full potential and as pain free as possible.

Receiving Back Pain Treatment in Brighton

If you are searching for a place for back pain treatment in Brighton then Hanover Osteopaths are the specialists to call. We are happy to help you with any enquiries, please feel free to speak to us on either the land line or the mobile number.

Book an appointment at Hanover Osteopaths today and we will be sure to treat your back pain with the care and attention as we would if it were our own.